Another successful Battle of Yields completed. What's next.

05 Dec 2022, 16:41
Another successful Battle of Yields completed. What's next? Spanning over 3 days, the High Energy 🔋 event has been the perfect playground for everyone interested in experimenting with the new UX, features, and energy mechanism. As helpful as we think it was for anyone involved in testing, the same goes for us as well. Thanks to the 200k+ actions executed by participants, we collected important data for certain edge cases, further improving connectivity, overall performance & UI. 3041 participants that interacted with the devnet DEX (and followed the instructions) have received their EGLD rewards on the same address (on mainnet) as the one used during the event. Thank you for your continuous support 🙌 🚧🛠 Transition timeline 6 Dec - Maiar DEX enters maintenance mode & LKMEX snapshot is taken 7 Dec - Energy contract deployment 8 Dec - xExchange phased launch 9 Dec - Farms start RT: