Last week in MultiversX. ️ MEX 2. 0 paper: new economics, utility & mechanics. EGLD added to listing roadmap by Coinbase.

21 Nov 2022, 08:09
Last week in MultiversX 🌏 ⚡️ MEX 2.0 paper: new economics, utility & mechanics 🇺🇸 EGLD added to listing roadmap by Coinbase 📺 Beniamin live at DIGI24 national television 💹 Atomic Wallet integration 🛠 Weekly #MultiversXtech 🧵 Aligning the actors of a DEX economy 📅 Join us on Twitter Spaces this Wednesday 🌐 Explorer update: herotags, staking & transactions filtering 🏛 X Day presentations: Robert Sasu, Andrei Marinica, Constantin Tovisi, Lucian Todea, Lucian Mincu, Augustin Dobre & Filipe Castro 🌎 Elrond Network 1,96M accounts 62,74M transactions 14,69M staked 📲 Maiar 1,18M users 125K users stake $EGLD ⚡️Maiar Exchange $315 Million USD TVL $3 Million USD 24h volume 📰 Media mentions: B2Community TokenInsight Tradesilvania ZF RT: